Gamify Physics with PowerApps | Power-N-Apps E1

Welcome to Power-N-Apps!

You can think of it as “Power and Apps” , “Power in Apps” or as I pronounce it – “Power naps” 😀 . These sessions are equivalent to having “power naps” as these will give you the right amount of content to get you more energized and pumped about PowerApps and Flow.

In these videos, we will build something from scratch, talk about the latest updates, review some cool PowerApps / Flows and also have Q&A throughout the session.

In our first episode, we discuss about the new canvas apps sharing experience, display names of columns, Flow online conference & flow checker. We also demonstrate how you can send a contact card vcf file using flow and integrate it with PowerApps. And we show how PowerApps can be used to Gamify Physics.

Looking forward to a great start!

Join me in this power journey and let’s learn together.

Link to show notes

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