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A fun rapid-fire style podcast where #PowerAddicts will be asked some Power Platform and some not so Power Platform questions.

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Wow Apps, Naming Conventions and Favorite Smells – Episode 3 Rapid Power

Welcome to Rapid Power podcast! In this show, we are joined by two business application MVPs РSandy Ussia, Technical Evangelist at Lightning Tools and Co-Founder of Nlightning Twitter Рhttps://twitter.com/SandyU Power Platform Coaching Рhttps://nlightningtech.com/ Ed Gonzales, Business Applications MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer Twitter Рhttps://twitter.com/PoweredbyEdG Blog Рhttps://www.flyingpolymath.com/ Insert -> Home Podcast Рhttps://open.spotify.com/show/44whlQUkqvVUmn1hNwwC1T Questions discussed in the show: Power Platform: What is one of the apps/flows made by a #PowerAddict that you were really amazed by? (Vivek) What are your personal naming conventions for Power Automate flows and actions? That is, what helps your future self find flows and remember what they do? (Sandy) Aside from product names or licensing, what is one thing you would change/improve about Power Automate? (Ed) General Topics: Do you like having new year resolutions? or do you like to have a list of goals? Or do you have some different approach? Or you just let it flow? (Vivek) Favorite weekend pastime currently. (Sandy) What is your favorite smell? What memory does it remind you of? (Ed) Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast. We would love to hear your feedback at vivekbavishi@thatapiguy.tech
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