Microsoft To-do! Due dates based on E-mail Importance

I recently read this blog post from Luise Freese about Microsoft To-do - 11 reasons why I fell in love with Microsoft To-Do and I couldn't agree more. In-fact, I can add 10 more to that list! 🙂 One of the reasons mentioned was around moving flagged e-mails to To-Do using Microsoft Flow . To take this a step … Continue reading Microsoft To-do! Due dates based on E-mail Importance

PowerApps Challenge

In this video we will show a step by step approach to solve the 3 tasks mentioned in this challenge by Audrie Gordon - Challenge Form Challenge 1. We will create a PowerApp with 2 data sources such that the user can read the data but can't edit it. Challenge 2. Tracking inventory of PowerApps … Continue reading PowerApps Challenge

Click-through PowerApps Analytics

Introduction This blog post will walk through a simple approach to create your own click-through analytics. Extend your reporting options to include statistics which will raise visibility into how your app consumers navigate your applications, enabling you to use data to validate assumptions on app usage and design. I have attached the MSAPP files and … Continue reading Click-through PowerApps Analytics