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PowerApps Challenge

In this video we will show a step by step approach to solve the 3 tasks mentioned in this challenge by Audrie Gordon - Challenge Form Challenge 1. We will create a PowerApp with 2 data sources such that the user can read the data but can’t edit it. Challenge 2. Tracking inventory of PowerApps Swag using Flow. Challenge 3. Saving a photo to a Sharepoint Document library using Flow and adding some more meta-data to it.

Send O365 Docs as PDF | Power-N-Apps E3

Welcome to Power-N-Apps! In this week’s video, the PowerApps Gaming guru Brian Dang shows us his scavenger hunt app, and we also discuss how to convert office 365 docs to PDF using Flow and then read it in PowerApps. Join us in this power journey and let’s learn together. Show notes To follow Brian on twitter: https://twitter.com/8bitclassroom To follow me on twitter : https://twitter.com/that_API_guy To follow me on my blog: https://thatapiguy.

Gamify Physics with PowerApps | Power-N-Apps E1

[audio src="/uploads/2018/11/power-n-apps-e1.mp3"][/audio] Welcome to Power-N-Apps! You can think of it as “Power and Apps” , “Power in Apps” or as I pronounce it - “Power naps” :D . These sessions are equivalent to having “power naps” as these will give you the right amount of content to get you more energized and pumped about PowerApps and Flow. In these videos, we will build something from scratch, talk about the latest updates, review some cool PowerApps / Flows and also have Q&A throughout the session.

Click-through PowerApps Analytics

Introduction This blog post will walk through a simple approach to create your own click-through analytics. Extend your reporting options to include statistics which will raise visibility into how your app consumers navigate your applications, enabling you to use data to validate assumptions on app usage and design. I have attached the MSAPP files and the datasource sample(excel spreadsheet) so you can play around with the app to understand it better and then implement the same approach in your apps.

The Journey Begins

Why this blog? I am having an amazing journey through the world of PowerApps and Flow. This platform has enabled the non-programmers/citizen developers like me to develop apps easily to simplify business processes(and sometimes just to have some “Nerdy Fun”). This blog is for the community to benefit from and to learn what I have already explored. Why “That API Guy”? One of the game-changing feature that was introduced by PowerApps and Flow was the ability to return data back to PowerApps from a Flow.